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The ArtisanAbout the artisan

The artisan, Sherry, has been doing various arts and crafts for many years. For the past 15 years she has devoted her attention to hand painting glassware and various gift items. All of the glassware that she paints is oven baked so that it is dishwasher safe in the top rack. The gift items are lacquered so that the hand painted designs have an extra layer of security.

She started out painting these items as gifts for some friends and family members. As their friends and family saw them, and word of mouth spread, she decided that she needed to finally get out of the "dark" ages and put up this web site so that everyone can see what she has to offer. Now you can all enjoy the wonderful quality and care that Sherry puts into each and every one of the items that she paints. And, since she is now retired, she will accept special orders.

The glassware shown on these pages are representative of the work that Sherry does. If you see a design you like but would like it in a different color or if you are interested in another design please feel free to Contact Us and ask about what you would like.

The story of Sherry's Painted Pansy

Sherry's Painted Pansy started out, as we said above, because of the artisan's love of crafts. When she started to paint glassware and gifts, flowers and floral arangements were what people seemed to want, and thus "Sherry's Painted Pansy" came to be. In the past years some customers have asked if different flowers are availabel so Sherry is teaching herself several new flowers for the upcoming season. Sherry's Painted Pansy is located in Fremont, NH.

Looking for that special occasion gift.

If you are looking for a gift for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Mom's birthday, a wedding anniversary, the graduate, or any special occasion please look at the gifts we have on our Seasonal/Holiday page.

Special Note:

All glasses and mugs are $5.00 each. Individual glasses or mugs from sets can't be sold separately. Thank you.

Replacement Disclimer

Because we are selective about where and how we purchase our stock, we may not have the exact glasses shown in the pictures on hand. In the event of damage during shipping we will try to replace the broken items with the same glass. If we are unable to match the damaged glass, new glasses will be painted with the same design and color scheme.

Special Note:


For special order pricing, email:

Or call Sherry @ (603) 801-4924

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